Sentric Puts the “Solution” in Workforce Solutions

Through our end-to-end workforce solutions – the most usable in the market – we help businesses with payroll, time and labor management, workforce management and human resources administration including compliance, benefit administration, performance management, recruitment and everything else needed to ensure effective and meaningful talent management.

Our solutions-centric approach ensures that our clients get more than software – they get the solutions that take them beyond payroll - enabling them to keep their Workforce in Focus.

So you ask, Why S-E-N-T-R-I-C? It’s all in our name…




It starts and ends with service at Sentric.

Why does Sentric retain its clients so much longer than most of our competitors? Because when our clients told us they care about service more than anything else, we listened. At Sentric, we’re passionate about dedicated service. In fact, it’s at the very center of our culture. We’ve closed the gap our competitors left open and our clients say it matters. Our certified team of support professionals know their individual clients personally and are able to respond quickly and effectively to their specific needs. At Sentric, we deliver on our promise to each and every client…a single point of contact to a certified support professional. Our approach makes all the difference.

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Experience counts.

With Sentric, our clients get so much more than software. They get a company with nearly two decades of experience in the payroll and workforce management industry along with an experienced team of consultants ready to partner with you and your team to get the most out of our solutions. Over the last decade, we have taken our award-winning payroll service bureau and evolved it into a highly experienced team of workforce management professionals capable of adding value to any component of our workforce management suite.

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Not Just Payroll Anymore

Whether you want traditional payroll or full workforce management functionality, we are here for you.

We’ve enhanced our award-winning payroll services with a fully integrated suite of workforce management components. And yes, we can still file your payroll taxes in every state, and issue your payroll on debit cards, all within the framework of our proven dedicated client service model. But you spoke and we listened. Our SentricWorkforce solutions will manage your workforce from recruitment to retirement and every day in between. From biometric time collection to training and development, we have it all.

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Scalable, secure and always current.

Our clients don’t worry about server space and security…that is our job! Sentric’s solutions are cloud-based, secure, and SSAE 16 compliant. Our clients can count on 24/7 continuous availability, a fully-tested and functional disaster recovery plan, and a SaaS deployment that not only eliminates the expenses associated with legacy licensing and system upgrades, but ensures our clients always have the latest features available while allowing them to purchase only what they need.

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Rapid Deployment

A valuable tool for your workforce…quickly.

Organized, efficient implementations. Because our solutions are highly-configurable and require very little customization, our clients gain productivity and efficiency, which means more time to focus on the things that add value to their own business. Our team of highly-skilled, award-winning implementation specialists don’t just transfer your data. Using our breadth of experience and knowledge, we quickly learn your personnel management philosophies, and translate that knowledge throughout our controlled implementation process, ensuring our clients get a system that supports their internal policies and procedures.

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Solutions that are easy to use.

Sentric offers the most usable solution on the market – we help organizations with payroll, time and labor management, workforce management, and human resources administration including compliance, performance management, recruiting management, and everything else needed to ensure efficient processing, streamlined administration and greater controls. Our powerful routing and alerts engines ensure management is always in the loop and informed. SentricWorkforce thinks for you and keeps ‘Your Workforce In Focus.’

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Client-Centric Solutions

Delivering the ‘right’ solution.

From the sales process through the ‘go live’ date and beyond, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the ‘right’ solution. In other words, if our clients don’t need it, we don’t develop it; and if our solutions don’t serve our clients, we change them. The common thread connecting our solutions to our success is our focus on bringing our clients what THEY NEED, not what WE HAVE. At Sentric, it’s not about creating what’s easy, it’s about creating what’s useful – to our clients!

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