Time Collection Methods and Devices

At Sentric, we recognize that every work environment is different and time collection requirements vary. With that in mind, we offer a variety of devices and time collection options, each designed to reduce the time and cost of data collection, but with varying styles and features to address even the most unique work environments.

From badge to biometric image readers, SentricTLM offers the tools necessary to support every type of workforce. In addition to web-based time entry and telephony, our devices can read bar codes, magnetic stripes, proximity, finger and hand images. Each device and option comes with a range of connectivity options which include modem, network, wireless and cellular, supporting virtually every worksite or infrastructure.

Using our powerful back-end integration engine, time punches can be “pushed” immediately to the SentricTLM software providing real-time visibility of employee attendance data. Many of our hardware solutions include features like touch-screen, scanning and kiosk; they also allow employees online view capabilities to timesheets, schedules and attendance points.

NT300 Series

    • Card/Proximity Reader
    • Finger Image Reader
    • Punch In/Out
    • Job Number Entry and Other Functions
    • Ethernet Push Technology

NT6500 Series

    • Card/Proximity Reader
    • Finger Image Reader
    • Employee Lockout Capabilities
    • Touch-screen Interaction
    • Kiosk Features
    • Ethernet Push Technology


    • Hand Geometry Technology
    • Eliminates “Buddy Punching”
    • Ethernet Push Technology
    • Supports Sophisticated Programming

NT6000 Mobile PDA Scanner

    • Mobile Device with Kiosk Features
    • Scanner Capabilities
    • Wi-Fi or Cellular
    • Job Transfer Options


Telephony/Voice Response

    • Punch In/Out
    • Job/Dept Transfers
    • Pass Phone to Next Employee – No Delays
    • Listen to Work Schedules
    • Lockout based on Caller ID
    • Supports 9 Languages
    • Voice Mail


    • Finger Image Reader
    • Touch-screen Technology
    • Kiosk features

ID Punch 7

    • Card/Proximity Reader
    • Finger Image Reader
    • Punch In/Out
    • Job Number Entry and Other Functions

Employee Web Services

    • Save Expense of Device Purchase
    • In/Out Punching
    • Employee Lockout Capabilities
    • Review and Submit Timesheets
    • View Point Balances
    • Submit Expenses

Time Sheet Entry

    • Allows Entry of Start/End Times
    • Can Provide Edit Capabilities
    • Free-form Notes Entry
    • Job Coding Options
    • Access to Current/Historical Data