Point System Administration

Keeping track of exceptions is an effective performance management tool.

SentricTLM’s point solution uses attendance information to automatically generate merits, demerits, warning letters, perfect attendance letters and other documents. We can configure our points monitoring component to reflect the values and policies established at your organization.

Tied directly to our Scheduling and timesheet functionality, our Point System provides managers with the data they need to evaluate and coach today’s workforce. With SentricTLM, employers have a cost-effective method of awarding dedicated employees for attendance and disciplining those who do not meet attendance expectations.

With the power of SentricTLM’s Point Tracking System:

    • Accumulate points based on attendance behaviors and patterns
    • Assign points with reason codes to timesheet exceptions
    • Export and mail merge point information into standard word documents
    • Automatically create bonus payments for perfect attendance recipients
    • Administer attendance policies fairly, objectively and consistently

SentricTLM keeps your workforce in focus.