Time and Labor Management Systems

Manage Labor Costs in Real Time

From biometric time and attendance systems to scheduling and point tracking, SentricTLM helps you accurately track your workforce and control your costs all the while ensuring compliance. Our web-based solutions can transform the burden of manually monitoring, managing and reporting labor hours into a secure, streamlined process uniquely configured for your organization and available at your fingertips 24/7.

How can SentricTLM help you reduce labor costs?

  • Payroll and Human Resources are integrated, streamlining data entry and ensuring accuracy.
  • Alert notifications report overages, benchmarks and warnings.
  • Configurable reports show exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Real-time view of exception summaries, overtime requests, point balances and more.
  • Cloud-based time and attendance solution ensures real-time access to information you need anytime, from anywhere.
  • Parameters engine ensures your organization’s policies and sophisticated pay rules are followed.
  • Buddy punching and false time reporting are eliminated through use of biometric time and attendance devices.
  • Manager administration efforts are reduced by access to consolidated information.
  • Configurable dashboard provides control and real-time access to labor information.
  • Time entry devices include flexible options: web clocks, biometrics, proximity devices and more.

Control every labor dollar with SentricTLM. Let us tailor a custom solution for your workforce management needs today. What do you need?

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