SentricWorkforce’s Core Functionality

We give you an HR system that enables you to maintain and track data from application to retirement. The core functionality in SentricWorkforce is the most comprehensive you’ll find in a workforce management suite.

From personal employee information, to job and location information, to absence and benefits administration, SentricWorkforce holds every piece of HR information you need. With a simple search, you can find an employee’s home address, national identification number, recent performance reviews and qualifications, absence history—it’s all there. SentricWorkforce is the system of record for your entire organization and assures you that important historical data can be accessed and reported as needed.

There’s a place for everything in the core of SentricWorkforce:

    • Personal Information
    • Employee Demographics
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Job, Position and Location History
    • Benefit Plans and Participation
    • Employee Qualifications
    • Compensation History
    • Taxes and Deductions
    • Earnings and Allocations
    • Robust Reporting
    • Database Query

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