Self-Service: Streamline Processes While Empowering Your People

The self-service portals in SentricWorkforce streamline workforce processes and reduce the time HR managers spend on burdensome and tedious tasks like data entry.

Transferring data entry responsibilities to employees, managers and candidates not only empowers them to view and control their own data, but it improves data accuracy, avoids double data entry and simplifies processes, allowing HR to focus their efforts on more strategic activities.

Our self-service portals include:

    • Employees – Empower your employees by providing them with access to maintain their own information and access payroll history, benefit plans and more through the Employee Self-Service portal.
    • Managers – Give your managers access to the information they need about their staff to make important decisions. Automated workflows and alerts help managers streamline many complex tasks.
    • Candidates – Educate potential job candidates about your company and positions while collecting and maintaining candidate information electronically to simplify your recruiting and hiring process.

Request a tour of our powerful SentricWorkforce suite and see first-hand how our Self-Service portals might reduce the data administration activities of your HR team.