Complete Workforce Management Offered “In the Cloud”

Managing your workforce in today’s complex and competitive environment can be challenging and expensive.

With our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment, take full advantage of our entire workforce management solution or just the components you need today. Get the power of our unified solution with the benefits of SaaS including:

  • Subscription-Based Pricing – Save money. Don’t pay for excess capacity.
  • Fully-Configurable Systems - Use one or all components based on your specific needs.
  • True Scalability – Our solution will grow with you.
  • Guaranteed Availability – Our solution is ‘always on.’ Dependable and secure.
  • No Impact on IT Resources - No hardware investment required. Just internet access.
  • Automatic System Updates – You’re always using the most recent version of our system with no expensive upgrades.

And, unlike most SaaS providers, Sentric can provide you access to your data for as long as you need it, regardless of whether you remain our client. To learn more about our SaaS deployment, contact us today at