Comprehensive Reporting Options and Powerful Analytics

Our powerful report-generation engine allows users of SentricWorkforce to gain access to key data when they need it and in the format they want it. Whether you need a simple report for further analysis or a presentation quality report to deliver to your CEO, the reporting flexibility of Sentric delivers.

Access and analyze your data using any of our reporting tools:

  • Standard Reports - A comprehensive library of over 200 standard reports is available for immediate generation upon entry of basic parameters.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting - Our integrated report writing tools allow you to quickly access the data you want and either print or export the results for further analysis.
  • Analytics – With the power of Microsoft® Analysis Services our users can quickly access and manipulate employee data. Comprehensive analytics features easy selection and extraction of high-level aggregate data (sums, counts, averages) and trend analysis by topic with virtually unlimited reporting options. Using Excel® pivot tables, Analysis Services provides a high-level view of your business data for reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and retrieval of key performance indicators.
  • Custom Reporting - Microsoft® Reporting Services can be used to customize reports to solve your company’s unique report requirements which may not be met through our other reporting options. Reporting Services software is easy-to-use and has a familiar, ‘Office-like’ look and feel. Reporting Services is not yet available to our end users, but that is coming soon. In the meantime, Sentric’s Technical Services Team will be happy to design any report for you at your request.