A Custom-Fit Solution to Meet Your Needs

The challenge SaaS-based workforce management providers are faced with is how to customize a solution for each client.

At Sentric, our solutions are intended to satisfy the needs of most organizations by providing them with enterprise-level functionality right ‘out of the box’. However, recognizing that every organization has its own specific needs, we also provide a robust set of customization tools that include:

  • Customizable Dashboard Components – Users can add or delete dashboard components for a customized visual roadmap tailored to their job.
  • Creating Custom Tasks – Our Technical Services team can modify tasks to provide you with a familiar flow of information.
  • Creating Custom Fields – Using our Task Editor, our Technical Services Team can create new custom fields specifically for your organization.
  • Modifying Field Labels - Our Task Editor functionality allows us to change field names to fit your organization’s terminology as well.
  • Creating User-Defined Fields – We’ve included several user-defined fields that can be configured for you before additional fields need to be added.
  • Creating Custom Reports – If our 200+ standard reports aren’t enough, we’ll customize one for you, or you can even do-it-yourself.

At Sentric, we mean it when we say, “Your Workforce, In focus.” Let us deliver it your way!