Project Assessment & Detailed Needs Analysis

Sentric’s consultative approach requires obtaining an in-depth understanding of our client’s situation. We will consult with you at length to gain a complete understanding of your concerns and required deliverables; and, to ensure you understand how we, at Sentric, plan to solve your issues. We know that a successful assessment of your situation will help us determine the best approach and solution for you and your organization. We consider this to be time well spent and the very foundation upon which we build each and every successful implementation.

Here’s what we do:

  • Identify Need(s) – Our experienced team of workforce professionals will work with you to understand today’s challenges as well as your required deliverables and future expectations.
  • Evaluate Options – Our team will then identify what components of our workforce suite will best address your organization’s current and evolving needs.
  • Compare Cost – We will provide you with a detailed fee proposal that includes a fixed-cost for implementation of our recommended solution. We will include a scope document outlining implementation details as well as a cost-benefit analysis comparing our recommended solution with alternatives. Upon request, we can help calculate a comprehensive ROI for the initial implementation and ongoing subscription-based pricing.

You can count on Sentric to stay focused throughout implementation and beyond. 

We deliver what we promise!