Rapid Controlled Deployment and Dedicated Support

At Sentric, our service-centric methodology ensures that you get the right solution, on time and on budget. From decision to delivery, we stay focused…on your solution.

It all starts with Assessment and Analysis, where we uncover what really matters to you. And, because we are so passionate about understanding your needs, delivery of a perfectly tailored solution is virtually guaranteed. At Sentric, it’s not about creating what’s easy, it’s about creating what’s useful – to our clients. With that in mind, our team of system analysts and relationship managers follows a methodology that requires steadfast focus on what you asked for, each step of the way. Your Sentric relationship manager, team of system analysts, implementation specialists and dedicated client service representatives, work together to deliver what you ask for during implementation and for as long as we continue to earn your business.

Our proven service methodology is divided into three phases:

  • Assessment and Analysis – Our structured needs analysis phase allows you and us to uncover what really matters to you. Conducted properly, this phase ensures we completely understand your needs and you understand what will be delivered – no surprises.
  • Implementation and Training – Our proven implementation methodology will get you up and running…quickly and effectively. While we manage the process carefully, our experience and system architecture allow us to deliver faster than most workforce providers.
  • Service and Support – Our dedicated support model offers a single point of contact which is one of the things our clients tell us most distinguishes us from our competition. Clients consistently remind us of the value they place on having a familiar contact for all of their support needs.

Find out why Sentric retains clients so much longer than the rest of the workforce industry. Contact us today.