Strategic Human Resources

In today’s human-capital arena, talent is your organization’s largest investment and most valuable asset. To manage that asset effectively, HR managers have evolved into strategic managers and need relevant tools in their mission to balance business needs with talent requirements.

With Sentric, your HR organization can deliver strategy and functionality. Our end-to-end solution has leveraged technology to assist you throughout the workforce life cycle.

    •  Complete integration across HR, Payroll and TLM
    •  Scalability that will grow with you
    •  Powerful workflow routing to automate key processes and streamline tasks
    •  Complete Compensation Administration, Performance Management and Training/Development
    •  Information Analytics that provide so much more than reporting

Sentric’s Workforce Solutions suite will help you align your HR team’s output with your organization’s strategic goals. The features and functionality of our system ensure your employees and managers are empowered to manage their own information.