Top HR Trade Shows of 2015

By: Mike Petrasek, Marketing Communications Consultant

I’m a firm believer in the fact that pumpkin-spiced lattes should only be available in October, or that back-to-school sales should happen when kids are actually getting ready to go back to school. Naturally, I cringed a bit when I looked at our blog calendar and saw that one of the topics for January was HR trade shows. I mean, I know there are a few HR trade shows in the relatively near future, but the bigger ones don’t happen until later in the year.

Top HR Trade Shows of 2015Then I looked at our marketing to-do’s list and quickly realized why we had this topic featured so early in the year; if you snooze, you lose. For exhibitors, that means booking booth space and sponsorships, but even attendees need to plan ahead and register early to guarantee a spot at some of this year’s most influential shows.

To help make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve compiled a listing of some of the top HR trade shows of 2015, including dates, locations and a link to where you can learn more. As always, feel free to suggest others in the comments section and we’ll add it to the list.


Trade Show




2015 Workforce Planning and Talent Conference

February 23-25, 2015

Dallas, TV

HR West

March 2-4, 2015

Oakland, CA

National HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo

March 16-18, 2015

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles HR Star Conference

March 19, 2015

Los Angeles, CA

2015 HCI Human Capital Summit

March 31 – April 2, 2015

Orlando, FL

Human Resource Executive’s Health and Benefits Leadership Conference

April 8-10, 2015

Las Vegas, NV

CHRA SHRM Spring Conference

April 17, 2015

Baltimore, MD

2015 HR People & Strategy Annual Conference

April 19-22, 2015

Miami, FL

SHRM Talent Management Conference & Expo

April 27-28, 2015

San Diego, CA

APA Annual Congress

May 6-8, 2015

Las Vegas, NV

SHRM Annual Conference and Expo

June 28 – July 1, 2015

Las Vegas, NV

PIHRA & NCHRA Reception at the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference

June 28, 2015

Las Vegas, NV

San Francisco HR Star Conference

July 15, 2015

San Francisco, CA

2015 Employee Engagement Conference

July 27-28, 2015

San Francisco, CA

Cleveland HR Star Conference

July 29, 2015

Cleveland, OH

California HR Conference

August 31 – September 2, 2015

Anaheim, CA


September 16-18, 2015

Sandusky, OH

2015 Leadership & Development Conference

September 16-18, 2015

Chicago, IL

ASHHRA Conference & Exposition

September 19-22, 2015

Orlando, FL

Atlanta HR Star Conference

September 29, 2015

Atlanta, GA

Employee Benefits News’ Benefits Forum and Expo

September 30 – October 2, 2015

Orlando, FL

HR Florida Conference

October 6-8, 2015

Orlando, FL


October 18-21, 2015

Las Vegas, NV

HR Southwest

October 25-28, 2015

Fort Worth, Texas

2015 Global Talent Management Forum

November 2-3, 2015

Los Angeles, CA

2015 Talent Acquisition Innovation Forum

November 4-5, 2015

Los Angeles, CA

Pittsburgh Human Resources Association