Sentric HQ Relocation Highlights Company Growth Following Transformation

Regional Payroll Services Bureau Reinvents Itself as National HR Software Provider

Pittsburgh, Pa., November 3, 2014 – Sentric, Inc., a national provider of cloud-based human resources software, moved today. And while companies move every day, the relocation of Sentric’s headquarters from Caste Village in Whitehall to Southpointe Office Park in Canonsburg, comes just three years after the 20-year-old company evolved its business model from a regional payroll service bureau to a national cloud-based HR software provider. The move is the culmination of multiple years of company growth.

Sentric Inc. HQ Relocation

Sentric Inc. recently relocated its HQ to Pittsburgh’s Southpointe office park.

“Our story is a little different than a lot of technology companies in the Pittsburgh region,” said Mike Maggs, co-founder and President, Sentric. “We’re more of an established start-up. We saw a lot of success as a payroll service bureau, but as the market changed – locally and nationally – we had to build on what we did well. So we did. We became a software company. We moved to the cloud. We went after a new buyer and added new capabilities beyond payroll. We grew our sales team, our marketing team, our product development team and we doubled down on service. And we finally outgrew our office space, which had been our home for nearly 20 years.”

Today, Sentric remains headquartered in Pittsburgh and has offices in Denver, Colo. and Huntington Beach, Calif. with customers in all 50 states. Sentric is anchored by its cloud-based human resource (HR) software, SentricWorkforce. SentricWorkforce gives HR managers all-in-one access to employee information, recruitment, performance, benefits administration, training, payroll, time & attendance, and HR reporting. This year alone, about 70 percent of all new revenue has come from this product.

In the last three years, Sentric staff has grown by more than 30 percent and is expected to grow by another 20 percent in 2015. After securing traditional financing from PNC in 2014, Sentric positioned itself for 60 percent growth over the next three years.

“Selling an HR product and service is fundamentally different than selling a pure payroll offering,” said Maggs. “It’s not all that dissimilar to the attention Pittsburgh gets for shifting from manufacturing to a knowledge based economy. We’re proud that we started out with a blue collar, entrepreneurial spirit and evolved into a national technology player without sacrificing what makes us, us – effortless to use software and amazing service from passionate people.”

Since starting out in payroll in 1994, Sentric has organically grown its customer base to 2,500 companies, including the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Sarris Candies, and Seven Springs Mountain Resort. With a 93 percent client retention rate, and a 96 percent satisfaction rate, company leadership saw an opportunity to better service existing clients with a different offering that could build on Sentric’s core payroll experience.

About Sentric

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Sentric serves the middle market with cloud-based HR, attendance, talent management and payroll solutions. Our mission is to secure clients for life by ensuring software and service work together to solve real business problems. We think our high customer satisfaction and retention rates are pretty darn good, but we’re always improving. Learn more at


Prepare for the FPC or CPP Payroll Certification Exam with Sentric!

Preparing for a payroll certification exam? Join the Sentric staff for a CPP (Certified Payroll Professional) or FPC (Fundamentals of Payroll Certification) Study Course! Available in our Pittsburgh, PA and Huntington Beach, CA offices, we’ll help you learn and understand the exam topics and materials in a casual group setting, and help you to be better prepared for the exam. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today by calling 412.884.7600 ext 200 or emailing us at Sentric is an Approved Provider of Payroll Education by the American Payroll Association, and all Sentric training courses qualify for recertification credits.

Upcoming CPP / FPC Preparation Courses:


Thursday 8/7/2014

1:00 PM Local Time

CPP Exam Preparatory Course – Module 1- Payroll Concepts

3 hrs

Thursday 8/14/2014

1:00 PM Local Time

CPP Exam Preparatory Course – Module 2 – Payroll Calculations

3 hrs

Thursday 8/21/2014

1:00 PM Local Time

CPP Exam Preparatory Course – Module 3 – Fringe Benefits

3 hrs

Thursday 8/28/2014

1:00 PM Local Time

CPP Exam Preparatory Course – Module 4 – Payroll Reporting & Empl Taxes

3 hrs

Thursday 9/4/2014

1:00 PM Local Time

CPP Exam Preparatory Course – Module 5 – Record Keeping & Payroll Practices

3 hrs

Thursday 9/11/2014

1:00 PM Local Time

CPP Exam Preparatory Course – Module 6 – Payroll Accounting

3 hrs

Thursday 9/18/2014

1:00 PM Local Time

CPP Exam Preparatory Course – Module 7 – Management & Administration

2 hrs


Sentric Enhances HCM Reports with Latest Version of SentricWorkforce

PITTSBURGH (June 16, 2013) – Sentric, Inc., a leader in cloud-based workforce solutions, announced today that it has made more than 300 enhancements across 80 different reports in its SentricWorkforce application. The improvements, available immediately, provide new reporting parameters that will give clients instant access to more customizable views of their organization and their employees.

In order to ensure the strongest integrated HR, time and attendance, and payroll solution in the HCM market, Sentric makes three major version updates per year across its product portfolio. The improvements are based on a combination of direct client feedback and overall product innovation plans.

“The client feedback we get is exceptionally strong,” said David Lewis, COO, Sentric. “Our service model gives every client a dedicated, domestic customer service representative. And every person in our organization, even our front desk, is integrated in our CRM process. This high touch, relationship driven approach makes us very accountable to customer needs and gives us a better understanding of what they want from a workforce solution. This particular round of updates was rooted in that client input, while the pending fall updates will focus on a more intuitive user experience.”

Sentric also conducts an annual survey of all its customers to provide the opportunity to weigh in on the next year’s changes. As a Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) provider, Sentric has the flexibility to respond to this feedback quickly and to make frequent updates across all customers in the cloud.

“This ongoing improvement is one of the biggest advantages of being in the cloud,” said Michael Lavender, chief product architect, Sentric. “We can aggregate clients’ most urgent and consistent requests and address them across our customers seamlessly, affordably and quickly, without burdening their IT or HR staff. It’s also a critical capability to maintaining compliance across IRS guidelines, state tax law and Department of Labor regulations.”

Other version updates include:

  • I9 form updates to meet new USCIS requirements (released in March 2013)
  • Improved tax functionality to reduce user error and improve accuracy

New customers will have the new report parameters available at implementation. The next SentricWorkforce updates are scheduled for this fall. For more information visit

About Sentric Inc.

For 20 years, Sentric has serviced the middle market with HR, time and attendance and payroll solutions. Today, we deliver integrated workforce applications in the cloud. Our mission is to secure clients for life by ensuring software and service work together to solve real business problems. We think our 97 percent customer satisfaction and 96 percent customer retention rate are pretty darn good, but we’re always improving. Learn more at


CONTACT: Colleen Stroh,

Sentric Simplifies Affordable Care Act Requirements for Employers with Release of SentricTime

PITTSBURGH (June 16, 2013) – Sentric, Inc., a leader in cloud-based workforce solutions, announced today the availability of SentricTime, a turn-key, auditable time management solution that will support Affordable Care Act compliance while minimizing administrative burdens for HR staff. Built on the same platform as SentricTLM®, the company’s flagship time and attendance solution, SentricTime delivers an easy to implement, quick deployment option that includes a free time clock and low monthly cost.

SentricTime has two great benefits,” said Jim Devaty, Time and Attendance Implementation Manager at Sentric. “It’s a great option for businesses that want to have more automated and auditable controls to help manage employee time, but may not need all of the capabilities in SentricTLM®. It’s also a fast deployment for businesses that are looking for immediate ways to make ACA compliance easier.”

July 1, 2013 will be the last day employers can begin gathering data to determine whether or not they meet large employer status under the ACA. The law mandates specific calculations to determine employer size and the data for those calculations must be gathered over a six month period in 2013, beginning no later than July 1st. Recognizing some employers might not be prepared for the administrative work facing them, Sentric created SentricTime to be up and running in just a few days.

After speaking with clients, and surveying attendees at a recent webinar hosted by Sentric on Employer Shared Responsibility, “The Next Steps in Health Care Reform: What you need to know about the July 1 deadline,” Devaty said he believes as many as half of mid-market employers are still trying to figure out their options for health care reform and how they will be gathering pertinent data. “There was no question that we needed to offer a solution,” he confirmed. “And it had to be a cloud solution to make it as quick and easy as we wanted it to be.”

Penalties for non-compliance of the Affordable Care Act can be up to $3000 per employee. “With the new features being offered by Sentric, we hope this is a no brainer,” said Devaty. “For less than $35 per employee per year, employers can protect themselves from penalties that can go as high as $3000 per year.”

Included in SentricTime will be overtime, rounding and holiday rules, the most commonly used time and attendance features, employee self service, and the ID Punch 7 Proximity Reader or a Web Clock. Of most interest, SentricTime will also include reports specifically designed to aggregate key ACA data with the click of a button.

In order to make the transition to a time application quick and easy, Sentric has waived its implementation fee, will provide a free clock and has created a low per employee, per month cost.

Current SentricTLM® users are still able to use their current solution, but will see that an already powerful solution now includes the new ACA reporting features of SentricTime at no additional costs.

Additional clocks are $.75 per employee per month with a minimum $35.50 per month fee. Additional badges are also $50 per lot of 50.

New and existing customers can contact the Sentric Sales Team at 1.888.729.7654 for any questions about the new SentricTime product.

About Sentric Inc.

For 20 years, Sentric has serviced the middle market with HR, time and attendance and payroll solutions. Today, we deliver integrated workforce applications in the cloud. Our mission is to secure clients for life by ensuring software and service work together to solve real business problems. We think our 97 percent customer satisfaction and 96 percent customer retention rate are pretty darn good, but we’re always improving. Learn more at


CONTACT: Colleen Stroh,

Biometric Attendance Tracking in the Workplace

With companies constantly growing and/or evolving, it has become important to keep better records of employee activity. One thing that’s changed a great deal over the last few years is how attendance is maintained. Some companies use the old-fashioned time clock for employees to punch in and out on paper cards, some use an honor system of recording time in the office on a computer spreadsheet and still others have completely overhauled employee tracking with biometric time and attendance systems. We’ll focus on explaining the ins and outs of that latter group.

Understanding Biometrics

Bio what? Biometrics. Biometrics is a science focused on using physical human measurements to identify individuals. Typical measurements include characteristics of a person’s fingers, hands, eyes or face. These features are generally quite unique to any given person, making them reliable measures of identity. Because these features are largely unalterable on a person, time measurement and attendance scanners can take an initial impression to use over time (be it an image of someone’s retina or fingerprint records) and have it on file as a comparison to verify the person’s identity each time they clock in and out.

Biometric time and attendance systems function by means of an electronic device with a touch sensor to place one’s finger or hand on to record an impression in a database or smartcard. The program will measure the shape of the ridges in a person’s finger or even the pattern of veins in their hand. Based on the identifying feature that is measured for each person (most commonly the fingerprint), individuals can maintain an accurate record of their time spent in the workplace.

Benefits of Biometrics

Biometric scanning is used in a variety of settings, from hospitals to manufacturing facilities to everyday office spaces. The biometric system has several benefits, some of which extend beyond simple time and attendance measures. Some of these perks include:

  • Eliminating Buddy Punching – Unfortunately, it has become common for coworkers to say to one another, “Hey, I have to leave early. Can you clock me out?” Or, “Running late today; mind punching me in?” Using an ID-matching system ensures that the individual clocking in an out is in fact the person in question; coworkers cannot help each other cheat or defraud the company of money.
  • Maintaining Access Control – In offices where security is crucial to business functioning or even when an office is located in a less-desirable neighborhood and safety is a concern, biometric systems are beneficial. Utilizing fingerprint technology, businesses can restrict access to a building as a whole or to a specified area (room, floor, lab, etc.). Only with a verified print will an individual be permitted access to the space.
  • Saving Time and Reducing Errors – Human resources and payroll specialists have extensive duties as it is. Making good use of technologically-advanced fingerprint time and attendance systems frees these professionals up to provide assistance to employees and maintain overall business functioning. HR and payroll no longer have to worry about processing attendance records or miscalculating each employee’s total hours (and earned pay) when there is a digital record of each available.

Biometric systems have allowed companies to maintain a closer eye on employee movements. These tracking systems are advanced, using fingerprints and other markers to establish to identities of individuals, making it nearly impossible for employees to cheat the system. Extended lunches are things of the past, so is clocking your best friend in each morning. Productivity is key, and maintaining accurate attendance and access is a means of achieving it!

Benefits of Online Time Management Systems

Keeping track of the workday is a necessity. Knowing what is going on with employees throughout the day helps companies to know what is going on in the organization as a whole. That’s why we all keep records of the time we spend in the office each day. From attendance to productivity, time management systems keep us organized and in-the-know. In fact, we’ve even had a better time of it with the growing use of web-based time and attendance systems. Consider some of the benefits of online time management:

Ease and Convenience

Some companies still live in the Stone Age when it comes to employee time tracking. They use the old-fashioned time clock for workers to punch in and out on, create paper documents that require workers to record their in and out times on with a pen, or require employees to maintain a simple spreadsheet document on their computers breaking down time in and out as well as total hours. Let’s be honest: all of these methods are tedious. Web-based time tracking software is both convenient and easy because workers just log in (in the morning) and out (in the evening) to create records of in-office time. Additionally, the company needn’t worry about the time and energy it would take human resources personnel to double-check and add up written or printed timesheets.


The internet has made life easy in so many ways. The benefit of any online service and particularly online time management is that it is affordable. Think about the popularity of online shopping, for instance. E-commerce didn’t grow simply because we’re all lazy; it grew because customers can get the same products for less money and less time than it would take to buy that little black dress in the department store (think about what you spend on shipping versus gas, for example, or the time and frustration saved by shopping online and avoiding malls and crowds). The same is true of time management tracking, only instead of saving on shipping, you save time, labor and money that would otherwise be spent to pay HR or payroll people to sit and calculate employee hours and wages. There are more beneficial ways for your staff to spend their time.

 Productivity and Billing

Aside from the mundane task of time and attendance tracking, online time management serves the purpose of both assessing company productivity and allowing for accurate billing of clients. Functions within time management software allow employees to note what projects they worked on, how long they worked on each project and which clients the work was done for. This allows everyone to see how much headway is being made in various parts of the organization and also bills hourly clients accurately.

Using time and attendance tracking software aids in the efficiency of employee and task monitoring. Your organization can be a dinosaur or it can be an innovator in running the business. Ease of use, affordability and additional benefits of online time management make good business sense! It’s your choice!

SaaS Explained: Understanding Software as a Service

At Sentric, we talk a good deal about our cloud-based total workforce management system. Human resources professionals are often charged with some daunting technical tasks—payroll processing, benefit claims, general data entry, etc. Luckily, programs are available to make these and other duties more doable. That’s where SaaS comes in; that’s where Sentric comes in. But even the best HR specialists aren’t overly tech-savvy, so before they even invest in SaaS, they need to know what the heck it is. The following should provide a better working knowledge of Software as a Service so that you and your human resources group know what they’re investing in.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a way to give users access to software programs in a remote way. When using SaaS services, individuals or organizations can access necessary software from a provider which grants access completely over the internet. For example, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps and HubSpot all fall under the Saas umbrella because all are hosted entirely online.

SaaS Features

SaaS applications often have a number of features that make them appealing to not only human resources but also those in other industries and individual users. The easy-to-use nature of SaaS programs is definitely a perk, and so are these:

  • SaaS applications are hosted online by the provider, which means that they make program updates and changes, not you. This reduces the technical burden on a company.
  • The application provider has access to your information and data. When there’s an issue, trained professionals can troubleshoot the problem, redesign part of the program or implement changes.
  • SaaS providers can track user behavior, a plus because it allows them to see what needs improvement.

Benefits of SaaS

In addition to the above features, SaaS applications have several financial and technical benefits:

  • Application pricing and charges are implemented by charging either a monthly or annual fee.
  • Given that the provider handles the technical aspects of the program by hosting it elsewhere and maintaining it, your company does not have to install or perform maintenance on anything.

Software as a Service is accessible to anyone for just about anything, be it casual email and document creation or software for human resources. Online applications are easier to use than ever before and they’re affordable, making them attractive to companies and individuals. Why not trust your company’s software needs to a SaaS provider? After all, diverting time, effort and energy that would otherwise be spent on navigating software applications will give the human resources department more time to meet employee needs!

Sentric collects gifts for Adopt-A-Family

Pittsburgh’s “pile” of gifts for our special family!

Sentric’s staff is proud to participate in the Salvation Army’s “Adopt-A-Family” program! We’ve “adopted” a family of 10 in our Pittsburgh, PA office and a family of 4 in our Orange County, CA office, and the staff has gone above and beyond buying up every gift on the family’s “wish list”. We couldn’t be happier to help make the holidays more joyous for two families in need.










Charity sale brings in funds for Haitian artists

By popular demand, Sentric hosted a 2nd event on December 7th to sell jewelry and other holiday items made by Haitian artists ( All proceeds went directly to the artists, and the sale was a big success. Sentric’s employees and friends raised nearly $1200 in just three hours. A great event with beautiful hand-made products – it was a great success!

Sentric streamlines carrier connectivity for clients

Santeon Group, Inc. (OTCBB: SANT) and Sentric, Inc., today announced they have partnered to deliver secure, automated electronic benefit carrier communications to the SentricWorkforce client base.

Sentric is proud to be among the Best Places to Work in 2012

At Sentric, we strive to keep our employees happy, engaged and satisfied, while still having some fun and doing good for the community whenever we can. For those reasons and many more, we’re very proud to announce that our staff, in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Business Times, has recognized us as one of the 2012 Best Places to Work in Western PA! Thank you to every person at Sentric for truly making it a great place to work!

Sentric employees help to clean up downtown Pittsburgh

A few Sentric employees spent their Saturday morning working with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, helping to Beautify Pittsburgh!

Sentric Partners with First Data to Offer “Green” Payroll Solutions

PITTSBURGH (June 5, 2012) Sentric, Inc., a Human Capital Management software and payroll services firm, announced its exclusive partnership with First Data Corporation, a global leader in electronic commerce and payment processing, to reduce the number of paper paychecks and statements distributed each year to Sentric’s more than 200,000 employees currently under management.

 The BRIO® Service from First Data is a fast, safe and easy way to get paid instantly with the BRIO Paycard and Money Network™ Checks. The program is available now to all Sentric clients.

 ”Our clients, especially those who share our vision for environmental sustainability, can now offer every employee a green option for receiving their wages on pay day,” said Mike Maggs, CEO at Sentric. “In addition to our traditional direct deposit service, our clients can offer their employees, those with and without bank accounts, immediate access to funds on pay day without a fee and with the added convenience of accessing their cash at thousands of locations nationwide using their BRIO Card or using Money Network Checks.

 “Beyond these employee benefits, the BRIO program addresses real business issues of privacy and fraud prevention while reducing the fees associated with the generation and delivery of paper checks. This service offering represents a final and important step in Sentric’s green payroll solutions initiative,” said Maggs.

 Sentric, provides thousands of middle-market organizations across the country with “cloud-based,” integrated workforce management software featuring payroll, human resources, and time and labor management solutions.

 ”Partnering with Sentric further supports our goal to provide consumers with a trusted and convenient solution for getting immediate access to wages on pay day,” said Mark Putman, senior vice president, Prepaid Solutions, First Data. “Users can manage their accounts with features such as checking their account balance online and by phone; receiving balance updates via text or email; and loading funds from various sources including a second job, child support and government benefits.”

 Employees of Sentric clients will have free access to their funds on pay day anywhere their debit cards are accepted including stores, online and over the phone. The Money Network Checks can be used to get cash or pay bills just like any other checks. Funds loaded to the BRIO Card are FDIC insured.

About Sentric Inc.:

When we began operations in Pittsburgh in 1994, our mission was clear: provide state-of-the-art technology with unmatched client service. Since its inception, Sentric, Inc. has evolved into a national workforce management solutions provider to more than 2,500 organizations, featuring rich technology coupled with our client-centric solutions approach to ensuring service excellence. For more information on Sentric solutions, visit

 CONTACT: Tracy Null, 412.253.1315

# # #

Sentric Volunteers with the Western PA Conservancy

No one ever said volunteering was easy. And this past weekend, we proved it. For the 3rd year in a row, Sentric employees volunteered with the Western PA Conservancy ( to plant a Community Garden in a local neighborhood. This year’s garden was located at the intersection of Lydia Street & Chestnut Street in Carnegie… and was by far our largest garden yet! Even with our group of 14 employees & family members, it was a long, hard, HOT day! We weeded, planted and mulched until our garden was in pristine condition and ready for the world to see. Although the temps in the upper 80′s didn’t make easy work of it, we all were more than happy with the final product, and proud that we were able to help make a local community just a little more beautiful. 

Thank you to all of our volunteers, and their family members, for giving up their Saturday -and a lot of sweat- to make it happen: Bridgette Balogh and her sister Meghan, Melissa Causer and her daughter Calista, Melissa Harris and her boyfriend Tim, Dave Ignaski, Betsy Kleinhample and her husband John, Mike Maggs, Shannon Dougherty-Maggs and her mother Mare and sister Brie, Sally Ritz, and Kim Underwood. 


Sentric supports Haitian artists with Jewelry Sale

Visitors had the opportunity to purchase handmade jewelry by Haitian artists, on display in our Training Room from 10 AM – 3PM on May 23rd. All proceeds benefitted The Apparent Project ( Sentric’s employees, guests and visitors raised enough money to feed 50 Haitian artists and their families for a week. It was a fun event for a great cause. And thank you to our Pittsburgh Operations Manager, Cyndi Marszalek who put it all together!

Press Release: Sentric Partners With peopleG2

Exciting news! To add another dimension to the ancillary services offered to our clients, Sentric has partnered with peopleG2 to offer employment screening, background checks and more.

 Click here to read the full press release

 For more information on Sentric and peopleG2′s background and employment check services, including social media screenings, drug testing and more, contact your Sentric sales representative, or email


Sentric’s Race to Any Place to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

We came, we rode, we… limped all day Sunday. Sentric was a proud participant in the 2012 Race to Any Place, a 6 hour stationary bike race to raise funds for the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Team SpinSentric gave it their all, biking nearly 140 miles in total during the 6 hour, 12-person relay. Hopefully by this time next year, we’ll be recovered and eager to beat this year’s mileage!